Differences between darts

There are differences between dart boards, but there are also differences between darts. Darts can be very varying from different weight and the length of the dart. This all come to personal preferences and knowing how to throw your dart.

Weight of the dart

Darts could vary in different weights. Most of the people use weights between 18 to 24 gram, but there are more weights available for different darts. The weight has also to do with personal preferences. Some professionals use heavier darts then others, so you need to find your weight where you comfortable with. Try throwing different weights for a while and when you throw too high you should consider trying heavier darts.

Length of the dart

The length of the dart is also something personal when it comes to darts. They come in different lengths from short to long. The grip of the dart could be short if you use less fingers to get grip on the dart. The more fingers you would like to hold your dart, the longer the grip should be.
The dart shaft of the dart can also be different lengths. The length of the shaft is very important, because it has effect on the way your dart flies through the air. The longer the shaft is, the more unstable the path of the dart will be through the air. But long shafts reduce the chance of bouncers.

Steel tip and soft tip darts

Steel tip darts or soft tips darts have different functions. The steel tip dart is used on the classic dart boards. Steel tips darts have tips that can penetrate the dart board deeper. Soft tip darts are used on electronic dart boards. They are made for these dart boards because the material is different which can’t damage the dart board where it is made for. So if you want to play on the electronic dart board you must use soft tip darts to play. When you want to play on a classic dart board you must use steel tip darts.

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What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is a continuous process, a product and a discipline to optimally coordinate business and data in an organization. Why is this important? This is because in our dynamic world organizations are continuously facing challenges. From new legislation to new technology. And from new customer wishes to new forms of cooperation in the chain. All these changes require continuous adjustments in the organization of the organization and in the associated information management.

A good Enterprise Architecture helps an organization to respond flexibly to changes. This is because all information systems are so well attuned to customer wishes and to the cohesion with each other that the organization quickly adapts and moves around the market like a real organism. This is of course an ideal image, but in my view this aim is the true goal of Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture is the lubricating oil that makes this smooth movement possible! Only with a smooth Enterprise Architecture is an organization able to launch new products and services with a short time to market.

Because Enterprise Architecture is increasingly recognized as an instrument for innovation, its popularity is increasing. More and more organizations want and need to change and innovate quickly. And they are increasingly aware that everything is connected and that they therefore need a holistic view, a total picture. In addition – and this is often not seen – Enterprise Architecture is increasingly helping to substantiate investments in new IT. After all, Enterprise Architecture visualizes the coherence and added value of the individual IT building blocks. In short, Enterprise Architecture is gradually becoming an instrument for making the future possible. You probably also understand why I chose this dynamic field.

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