An Overview on Company Registration in Netherlands

The Netherlands is situated on the western side of the European Union. The country has a lot of commercial activities. It also has several treaties and bilateral agreements with other European states. Hence, investors are keen on registering their company in the Netherlands. The country offers top notch infrastructure and transportation facilities which attracts many entrepreneurs to set up their businesses there annually.

Advantages of registering a firm in the Netherlands:

·         It allows an entrepreneur to easily do business.

·         It offers several worldwide infrastructural facilities. Right from the top speed railways system to the largest seaport at Rotterdam, it gives you an ease to conduct commercial trades.

·         The government offers several incentives to foreign entrepreneurs.

·         It has an amazing tax system and filing tax and tax returns are done online.

·         You don’t need to carry an annual auditing in the Netherlands if the business is lower than EUR 8.8 million or the firm has less than 50 employees.

·         The Netherlands offers a diverse and skilled workforce.

Different business structures for registering a firm in Netherlands

·         CV (Limited Partnership Entity)

·         Cooperative UA

·         Brand Office

·         BV (Private Limited Company)

Registration procedure for a firm in Netherlands

The procedures are given for different structures:

BV (Private Limited Company)

1.       The entrepreneur should go to the related civil law notary to register their firm in the Netherlands.

2.       Then he should present the incorporation documents before the notary to start the registration.

3.       The entrepreneur or shareholder don’t have to present for the registration procedure. The notary will carry the incorporation process on behalf of them.

4.       Once the incorporation documents are notarized, the documentation is submitted to the Dutch Trade Register.

5.       Once the certificate register is made by the notary, it has to be maintained in the official address of the business.

CV Limited Partnership

1.       All partners should sign the partnership agreement.

2.       Once the document is executed, it should be submitted with the Dutch Notary. After they are reviews, the notary will file it with Dutch Trade Register.

3.       It is only applicable for partnerships conducting business in this country.

Cooperative UA

1.       The formation of a Cooperative UA is the same as a BV.

2.       You should approach a civil law notary for registering a firm.

3.       Once the incorporation documents are submitted to the notary to carry out the registration.

4.       After the documents are executed, you need to submit the documentation to the Dutch Trade Register.

5.       Lastly, once the certificate is prepared by the notary, it has to be kept in the official registered address of the business.

Branch office

·         Registering a firm in the Netherlands process to form a brand office is different from the ones used above.

·         Primarily, the head office has to take a board resolution and a shareholder resolution to open an office in the Netherlands.

·         After considering the resolution, the office incorporated is a branch office.

·         You need to file the incorporation application with the Dutch Trade Register.

·         The applicant will need certified copies of notary and Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

·         All these documents have to be submitted to the commercial registrar to start the incorporation procedure.If you are looking forward to registering a firm in the Netherlands, then is your best solution. They will carry out all the procedures on your behalf and work as your first-hand consultants. Go ahead and speak to them about your business idea.

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