Hardness Test Tools from Innovatest

hardness testing

Innovatest offers several hardness testing tools for various applications. There is a choice of portables and bench and floor types. The portable testers work with software installed on a standard laptop. They have easy-to-operate knobs and an optical scanner that accurate data in Word, Excel, or CSV files. The devices are powered via the USB power supply and can be used for hardness test tasks on the go. On the other hand, the bench and floor testers come in various models. Each model has an electronic eyepiece with a touchscreen system along with a manual fine adjustment of the Z-axis. The controller comes with proprietary software that has various features and add-ons for enhanced functionality.


Various Testing Methods

The company employs several hardness test methods for its instruments. You can choose Brinell, Knoop, Vickers and Rockwell, among others. The Brinell test method is commonly used on heavy materials such as aluminium and steel for loads up to 3,000kgf. Rockwell test works well with most metals and some plastics. This test method is considerably faster than Brinelland results are displayed directly after penetrating the material in question. On the other hand, Vickers test calculations are usually independent of the indenter size and can be used on any material. However, if you have a very thin material, consider using Knoop tester as it measures hardness over very small distances. Rockwell uses a cone-like diamond indenter, while Vickers uses a pyramid-shaped indenter. However, the Brinell tester uses a tungsten alloy ball. These testing methods cover all known materials used in commercial and manufacturing sectors.

Different materials

Connaissez-vous les règles du jeu de fléchettes?


Le jeu de fléchettes est très populaire en Europe. Ce n’est plus un jeu qui se joue uniquement dans les clubs mais il est désormais considéré comme un sport. Ainsi, comme tout autre sport, le jeu de fléchettes a également certaines règles que vous devez suivre si vous voulez gagner le jeu. 

La version standard du jeu de fléchettes dans une compétition est 501. Pour gagner la partie, vous devez atteindre zéro à partir du point de départ 501. Pour ce faire, vous devez frapper un double ou l’oeil de boeuf. 

En lançant les fléchettes sur le jeu de fléchettes, vous pouvez marquer des points. Frapper l’oeil de boeuf vous donne 50 points. Le taureau extérieur vaut 25 points et les autres nombres ont également des valeurs différentes. Le score peut être différent lorsqu’ils sont doublés ou triplés. Le score le plus élevé d’un lancer est un triple des 20. Ainsi, en lançant trois fléchettes à votre tour, le score peut être au maximum de 180.

 Cible de fléchettes


Joué avec un minimum d’équipement, le jeu de fléchettes a un ensemble de règles très simples: 

  1. Le joueur prenant le premier tour est déterminé par le lancer d’une seule fléchette par chaque joueur.
  2. Vous devez lancer trois fléchettes quand c’est votre tour, sauf si vous gagnez la partie avec moins de fléchettes.
  3. Pour que le lancer compte, la fléchette doit atterrir sur le plateau et y être. Les fléchettes qui rebondissent ou tombent ne sont pas comptées et vous ne pouvez pas non plus les lancer à nouveau.
  4. Si vous marquez plus que vos points restants, alors vous serez marqué zéro et le lancer se terminera. 
  5. Le jeu de fléchettes doit être placé dans un endroit afin que le centre du taureau reste à exactement 1,73 mètres de haut, ce qui est de 5 pieds 8 pouces. 
  6. Vous devrez lancer les fléchettes à partir d’une ligne de pied clairement marquée. Cette ligne est aussi appelée oche. Il doit être éloigné d’au moins 7 pieds 1 / 4po du jeu de fléchettes. 

Si vous voulez gagner le match, vous devez garder ces règles à l’esprit, sinon vous risquez de perdre vos scores ou d’être disqualifié.


Experience with Used Marine Generator sets


I have always needed high-quality used marine generator sets for my industrial operations, but I don’t want to make a significant investment in new equipment. As expected, I began by listing out the specifications and requirements for my generator, including size and power needs while considering my fixed budget. Thanks to Pool trading warehouse that provides reliable, cost-effective, marine power solutions to a large number of customers. I explored different ranges and brands of marine generator sets from different brands which get systematically inspected and repaired. They supply the generators, for both high speed and low-speed machines at the right conditions so that you don’t face any issue with second-hand generators.

Diesel set

The cost of running a firm, especially in the initial stages, can be expensive, that’s why I opted for second-hand options. At the warehouse, I found a wide range of used generators available for use in areas like standby power; provide back-up during emergencies, and to power heavy machines. All parts are entirely dissembled and go through cleaning and testing, rebuilding and inspection from experts. In case of repairs, they ensure its thoroughly done on cylinders and check on any cracks to be up to manufacturers’ standards. The consumable parts also get changed like seals, bearings, and gaskets are reassembled as per experts’ specifications.

I went through a selection of used generators which are primarily distinguished by their electrical capacity. They provide a variety ranging from the smallest units to massive generators sets of all the renowned brands. I saved on time by viewing various generator sets from brands like Caterpillar, Volvo Penta, Cummins, Scania, Twin Disc, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, MAK, ZF, Massion, and MWM on the same platform.
While thinking about second-hand products most of us worry too much about the tear and wear, at the company, the generators get well checked for corrosion and fatigue; they are well cleaned, a clue onto how well maintained they are. Any respectable seller will also have your product tested. My generator was well-tried to determine how well it responds before I could purchase it.

Generator set

Why you Should buy used Generators From Pool Trading

When shopping for used marine generator sets, it is essential to consider various available options to ensure that the generator fulfils your needs and meets your budget requirements. So, you may be asking, what are the benefits of purchasing a used set of marine generators?
While they usually do not come with a warranty, it is possible to find some machines still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty and the company provides guarantees on their refurbished generators. When I considered purchasing used generators with them, I asked for detailed information on all sorts of warranty and guarantees availed to boost my buying confidence.
I got a generator at an attractive price, relatively below the high retail prices for new units. The company cares about clients and offers friendly prices to meet fixed budgets, and surprisingly I saved up to 50% or more.

The used generators are readily available; I quickly purchased and installed mine without any waiting time; you buy and get it shipped immediately. I think this is the best place where anyone can get the right marine generator at any required time and a considerable price.
I couldn’t help but notice their professional staff and logistic team; I will keep coming back for more products since they listened to all my needs and acted accordingly. You can see the team’s extensive knowledge and experience concerning the generators. I enjoyed service from the highly dedicated staff that seems so skilled and motivated by how they handled me to how they managed the generators. They even provided some technical advice on the different types available to help me make the right decision. I highly rate the generator, which is characterized by various features like sturdiness, easy to operate and superior performance.

Generator company

After buying the generator from pool trading, I got a great power solution to help my facility with no time. I like to shop for second-hand products in reputable companies to ensure that I don’t get duped. I had to do a thorough check on pool trading before purchase only to find their good sales history; you can be sure that a company is succeeding if most customers are satisfied with their products. I took the time to learn about the company and the conditions of generators they deal with before making the purchase decisions, to ensure that I am satisfied with the value I received.

A stainless steel deburring machine with A-components

Q-fin Quality Finishing developed a stainless steel deburring machine with solely
A-components. We have an experience for over 30 years in grinding and deburring. Our team of qualified experts developed a high-quality stainless steel deburring machine which is suitable for all kinds of steel.

Deburring is essential

During the production process burrs can affect your machines and components. Even small, invisible burrs can bring damage to your machines and products. Burrs and sharps can impede the function of the components. Therefore, deburring is essential. The components will be smooth and from a higher quality. Integrating a stainless steel deburring machine into the production process will lead to a faster, effective, safer and efficient production.

Considering to invest in a stainless steel deburring machine?

With a stainless steel deburring machine, it will become possible to produce products with an aesthetic look. Your products will be more attractive for your customers and this will lead to a higher profit. Q-fins deburring machine deburrs and smooths components of all shapes.

Considering to invest in a stainless steel deburring machine?

Are you considering to invest in a stainless steel deburring machine? Then take a look at our website. Or contact us for more information about our products.