Useful tips for a bike tour

Are planning on making a bike trip soon? There are many things you need to take into account before you go. Preparing for such trip can be very exciting. There is a lot of information available on the internet, so wont experience any trouble finding useful information. However, we can imagine that this information overload might cause you to lose track of everything you need to take into account. Therefore, we’d like to help you! In this article we want to share some tips on how to plan the perfect trip!

Fix gear

Before you go, it is good to check whether your bike is in the right condition, meaning al the gear are complete and working well. You don’t have to spend too much money on fixing your gear, but it is good to invest in proper high tech travel gear, such as Honda Goldwing parts. This will ensure that your bike is in the right condition and nothing breaks down once you’re on the road.

Take it easy

A lot of people plan too much during their biking trip, which makes them tired before the trip is over. This is such a waste! You want to enjoy every part of the trip, without being burnt out. Therefore, our advice is to take it easy. Don’t plan too much on the first days and give yourself some breaks and free time as well to relax.


Furthermore, it is important to investigate the country of destination. What language do they speak? What money do they use? All these things are important to consider, especially when you’re planning on being there for a couple of days or weeks. This also means that you learn at least the basics of the language they speak. This way you will be able to ask for directions and order food in a restaurant.

Things to do in Holland with your rental car

When you’re travelling to the Netherlands, or Holland as its residents often call the country, renting a car to drive around in can be a great idea. But, if you’re looking for some inspiration as to what to actually do and which places to go see with your rental car, then we’ve got some good information for you! Be sure to read on and find out.


Difficult to reach by public transport, but incredibly easy to find when you travel by car is the classic Dutch sight of Kinderdijk. Here you can have a small view into the countries’ rich history and how they created new land by using special techniques including enbankments and windmills! This should be on your list, especially if you have a rental car!

The Dutch beach

The Dutch flock to the beach during summertime, because they don’t have a lot of nice weather throughout the year. Some of them, however, enjoy the beach year round. This is because the beaches are very wide and offer the perfect place for a walk with the wind in your hair. The country has a lot of beautiful coast line, easily reached by rental car.

Historical villages and towns

Many of the Dutch towns, villages and even cities have incredibly cozy centers with a lot of history and often at least one tiny museum where you can find out more about the location. If this sounds like your cup of tea, you would do well to take your rental car all over the country to visit as many of these as you can.

Be sure to enjoy yourself

We hope that the aforementioned tips will help you get the most out of your visit and the freedom that your Holland car rental offers you!

Best clubs to be VIP in Amsterdam

Do you want to experience Amsterdam’s nightlife to its fullest? Are you looking for the best clubs to be VIP in Amsterdam? Look no further, you have landed at the right place!  

During your stay in Amsterdam you of course want to enjoy its nightlife as much as possible. That’s why I am writing this blog! Amsterdam is filled with a lot of nightclubs, but some of them have awful VIP service. After reading this blog you will know where you should go to have the best VIP service in Amsterdam! 

Want to know what the best clubs are to be VIP in Amsterdam? Read further! 

Club Panama 

Do you like house and techno music? Club Panama is mostly known for hosting a lot of legendary events. Then Club Panama is the perfect place for you! In the Oostelijk Havengebied you can’t miss the amazing party atmosphere. Once you are there, you immediately feel why the Dutch are known for their party reputation and why they deliver so many great DJ’s.  

In the middle of the club you can find a huge dancefloor, where people tend to go crazy during big techno events with Dutch DJ’s, like Armin van Buren or DJ Tiësto.  
When I am partying, I tend to find service very important. It’s really frustrating to have to wait for a really long time and receive a drink. During my stay at Club Panama I thought the staff was very helpful and their bar service was topnotch. You should definitely give Club Panama a try!  


Leidseplein is widely known for its amazing and fun pubs. You can find 10 pubs lined next to each other! The advantage of this, is that you can hop to the next pub if you don’t like the pub you are at. Definitely recommended!