Used Buses for Sale

used buses

If you are into mass transportation, there are many used buses you can choose from. Iveco Iribus, Volvo, VDL and Van Hool are some of the brands available on offer. Other factors to consider include sitting space, engine size, mileage and the year of manufacture. As a buyer, you will benefit from our extensive experience in bus maintenance.

used buses

Types of Buses on Offer


8900 H – it is an emission 5 class bus manufactured in 2013. The bus runs on diesel and is one of the hybrid models produced by Volvo.

8700 B7RLE – it is another emission 5 bus manufactured in 2009, with an automatic transmission. It runs on diesel with air suspension a 213kW power.

B9L 7700 – the B9L is a 2010 bus with a Voith gearbox and can carry up to 85 people. It is diesel powered bus with an automatic transmission.

Other Volvo models in store include the B10MG, Jonckheere Transit and the B12BLE.


OMNILINK – it is a 2005, Euro 3 transmission, automatic bus. The engine runs on diesel and can carry 112 passengers.

OMNICITY – a 2009, automatic, diesel powered, Euro 4 transmission bus. The passenger limit is 78.

OMNICITY K230UB – it is a Euro 5, automatic transmission, diesel powered bus. The total passenger capacity is 78.

OMNICITY CN94UB – a euro 3 transmission bus, running on diesel with and an automatic transmission.


Ambassador 200 – Euro 5, automatic transmission, diesel bus, manufactured in 2010.

Citea LLE – it is a 2012, Euro 5 automatic transmission bus, running on diesel.

SB 200 – Euro 3, automatic transmission, Cummins, diesel engine bus manufactured in 2005.

Other used buses from VDL include the BOVA MAGIQ, BOVA F12 and ProCity T5.

The list also includes used buses from Volkswagen, Iveco, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Temsa, Van Hool, among other models.

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